“Mosaic Courses”

Mosaic Courses of The “Musa Mosaici” allows you to experience firsthand the real mosaic technique and you will be able to create your own “small” piece of art. Choose the course that better suits your needs or  contact us to request more information at the following number tel.06.9361281.

Our courses are customized so that you can choose the day and preferred time. The cost of the structure hosting the mosaic (wood or iron frame, coffee table, mirror, etc). is not included in the price. You will take home your own creation.

Individual Courses are placed and more choose the day and time, without constraints.


He creates a sculpture in polystyrene, free-hand sculpting, and then cover it in mosaic.
This course allows you to learn the three-dimensional technique on the mosaic, creating new and modern works, giving depth and depth to your mosaic, generally flat.
The cost includes the structure of polystyrene, the marble and the use of the equipment.
Cost: € 350.00
Duration: 21 hours to be divided into 7 lessons of 3 hours
1 lesson: realization of the polystyrene sculpture and preparation of the support.
2 lesson: choice of colors and cutting of the marble tesserae with the hammer and the hand-cut.
3 lesson: drawing on the structure and gluing of the tesserae with suitable mortar.

4,5,6,7 lesson: continue with the gluing of the tesserae to finish the sculpture.

Open course

With this course you have the opportunity to attend a customized long lasting session. The objective is to have all the time needed to learn the ancient secrets of this art through the teaching of the mosaic master who will work back to back with you. This will allow you to learn about the technique, the materials and the use of the equipment in order to make mosaics for any place and any size.

During the course you will have the opportunity to use different techniques to make a mosaic:

  • Indirect techniques
  • Direct techniques

The diversity of these various approaches allows you to have different results in creating unique and unrepeatable artwork whether you have a strong artistic side or not.

Duration: 4 lessons per month of 2 hours to booking monthly till the completion of the chosen artwork.

Cost: registration fee of 30€ +  150€ per month.

Basic courses

The cost involves making a large mosaic cutting marbles of first choice, learning the mosaic technique from the masters with over 20 years of experience.

Cost: €400 including the material and use of the equipment.

Duration: 30 hours to divide in 10 lessons of 3 hours each.

Objective: making of a mosaic of around 50x50cm

 Mosaic Courses

Courses for children

This course makes sure your child discovers the ancient art of mosaic. The objective is to bring them closer to this art making them work in a practical and fun way and allowing them to create their unique piece of work.

Cost:80 including the material and use of the equipment.

Duration: 3 classes of 40 minutes each.

Objective: making of a mosaic of the dimensions of around 20x20cm.


Spend an hour with your child

This course allows you to make your first experience with the mosaic technique. You will be able to share with your child a fun and creative hour, working closely together in making a heart in mosaic that will become your precious memory.

Cost:40 including the material and use of the equipment.

Duration: about 1 hour.


Mosaic Courses: Create your own souvenir

Our laboratory gives you the possibility of creating your own souvenir. The student will actively participate in each phase of the making of a wooden box.

Cost: 30€ per person including the material and use of the equipment.

Duration: about 1 hour.

Objective: making a box with marbles from all over the world.


Guided tour of the laboratory for groups

Minimum of 10 or maximum 25 people at a time.

Did you ever wonder how to do a mosaic?

Which materials is it composed of?

How are the mosaic pieces (tiles) cut?

What is the difference between the antique and modern mosaic?

Well, the “Musa Mosaici” will explain you the ancient work of the mosaic artist. You will observe how the mosaicist cuts the marble to obtain the little tiles and be shown all the technical steps needed to carry out your piece of art.

Cost: 4,00€ per person.

Participants will be offered gifted with a small bag of tiles (“scarti d’autore”).

Duration: 20/30 minutes.



Mosaic Courses for the schools

Does your school want to organize artistic activities?
La Musa Mosaici offers its experience organizing courses tailored to every need. Contact us for information and quotes.