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 Mosaic La Musa , work in the mosaic field since a long time, producing unique and originals mosaic. “

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Musa Mosaici

work in the moasic field since a long time, producing unique and originals moasaic.We make mosaic for every setting, customizing your spaces with exclusives colors and materials chosen for you.Taste, craftsmanship, precious materials and a great wealth of experience. We sell materials, enamel and marble tiles, equipment, hammer and chisel.Enter in our gallery to see some examples of our moaasaic works, or if you want to discover and experience firsthand the real moasaic technique take part in our class.It’s a moasaic workshop, that was born in Sacred Art, realizing different mosaici works in Italy and abroad, in collaboration with many artists and architects.However, its real fondness is the interior decoration, creating pieces that make the house unique, with maosaic tables, surfaces, pictures, lamps, decorative objects. Musa Mosaici makes available her experience planning mosaic classes for everyone who wants to learn the techniques of this ancient and fascinating art.
MOUSAICIÒN from the Greek: “patient work worthy of the Muses”. More than 5 thousand years separates us from the most ancient traces of stone mosaic on coatings walls. The need to live in the beauty have always had a great attraction on every civilization. This ancient technique is now recognized in its value as equal to the others artistic expression. MUSA MOSAICI is confident that her proposals will find a great approval rating. Nowadays spaces, places when you live your onw privacy should take the need to satisfy the spirit. This is linked to the possibility to customize your home, with the beauty and the joy of the colors. Artistic mosaic at home give that light that too often the daily existance tries to graying and, we can’t hide, gives that distinctive sign that indicate a status.

Sacred Art , Architectures , Design, Funeral Art