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Papal Palace 

The building, that enjoyed of the extra-territoriality and the possession of the State of the Vatican city, is composed by three historical parts: Papal gardens, Villa Cybo and Villa Barberini, was included in the complex extra-territorial of the Pontifical Villas in 1929.
Pontifical Collegiate of Saint Thomas from Villanova
Situated in the place of parish Church of Saint Nicola, the collegiate was built in 1658 by the architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The project was completed in 1661. The church has a square plan with a dome that landed on Doric style pillars. Inside you can find important religious works that represent Christ Crucifixion by Pietro da Cortona. In addition, you can admire a picture dedicated to the Saint and some precious decorative plasters.

Collegio Pontificio di San Tommaso da Villanova

Situato nel luogo della chiesa parrocchiale di San Nicola il collegio venne costruito nel 1658 dall’architetto Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Il progetto fu completato nel 1661. La chiesa presenta una pianta quadrata con una cupola che poggia su pilastri in stile dorico. All’interno vi sono importanti opere religiose tra cui il dipinto raffigurante la Crocifissione di Cristo di Pietro da Cortona. Inoltre si può ammirare un dipinto dedicato al Santo e alcuni preziosi stucchi decorativi.

Church of our Lady of the Lake

The construction of the church was strongly supported by the Pope Paolo VI that consecrated it in 1977 on the coasts of the Lake Albano.

Church of Saint Mary’s Assumption

Started in 1619 the church was seat of the PP Franciscans Riformati and then passed to the Congregation of Propaganda Fide. Anglo-Americans tragically bombed the church on the 10th February 1944.

Palace of the Pope

The Pope Urbano VIII ordered the realization to the architect Carlo Maderno that built the palace round 1628. The palace was built on the pre-existent structure of the ancient Castrum Gandulphorum, the feudal castle property of the Gandolfis and of the Savellis. Inside you can see a beautiful private chapel that hold a picture of the Mother of the Sanctuary of Czestochowa.

Saint Caterina Villa

Nowadays property of the North American Papal Collegiate. Inside the villa important roman ruins has been found.

Villa Torlonia

Built on the XVI sec by the roman family of Giustiniani then become property of the Duke of Bracciano Giuseppe Torlonia. The modern aspect is due to the restoration of 1829, financed by the Duke Carlo Torlonia.

Villa di Publio Clodio Pulcher

They are the remains of Villa Santa Caterina property of the North American Papal Collegiate. History told us that in the surroundings was killed Clodio by the hand of his historical enemy Tito Annio Milone on August of the 54 b.C.

Villa Tito Flavio Domiziano

It’s the monumental remain of the imperial roman villa built by Domitian (81-96), based on Villa Barberini, extra-territorial area of the Papal Villas. The villa is built on three terraces of about 500 metres of length each. Outside there were organized hunt games, performances and feasts in the honor of Demetra.

Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani

For a great part, Castel Gandolfo is included in the regional park. For further information, check the web site of the Regional Park of Castelli Romani.

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