It’s a real workshop where the mosaic art is applied in all its forms and colours, using great materials as the Carrara Marble, the Venatian Enamel, silver and gold. We use the direct technique, the indirect one and the web one.
To us the attention to the details is basic, trying to assembly our mosaic pieces in uniques structures. Architects and experts attend every work to let us improve and grow up.
It’s a mosaic workshop, that was born in Sacred Art, realizing different mosaic works in Italy, especially in Puglia ,Sardegna, Abbruzzo, Umbria ,Toscana,and abroad in Monte Carlo, Irlanda,Giordania,Romania,Benin,Panama , Orlando. Collaborations with many architects and artists.

We take part in differents exhibitions, as in Verona “Abitare il Tempo”, Milano “Il macef”, Firenze “Fortezza da Basso”, Roma “Moa Casa” and “Casa Idea”, Vicenza “Il Koine”
However, its real fondness is the interior decoration, creating pieces that make the house unique, with mosaic tables, surfaces, pictures and mosaic objects.
Musa Mosaici make also available her experience making mosaic class for everyone who wants to learn the techniques of this ancient and fascinating art.