Between tradition and innovation, La Musa Mosaici works with craftsmanship, precious materials and experience.

We create mosaics for every environment, customizing your spaces with exclusive colors and materials chosen for you. Taste, craftsmanship, precious materials and a wealth of considerable experience. We sell materials, marble and enamel tiles, equipment, hammer and cutter. Enter our gallery immediately to see some examples of our mosaic works, or if you want to know and experience the real mosaic technique firsthand, take part in our mosaic courses. It is a mosaic workshop, which was formed in Sacred Art by creating numerous mosaic works in Italy and abroad, in collaboration with numerous artists and architects. But his real passion is interior design, where he creates works that make the home unique, with mosaic tables, mosaic floors, mosaic paintings, mosaic lamps, mosaic furnishing objects.

The Mosaic Muse offers her experience by creating Mosaic Courses, for all those people who want to learn the techniques of this ancient and fascinating art.

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  1. Taking a class from Marina was absolutely delightful!! She is an incredible talented artist but also a skilled, masterful teacher. It was an amazing experience, one I will always treasure. I loved how many choices of materials she has, stone and glass of all colors, and how she guided me through the selection and design process. I loved how she taught me how to gently but precisely cut the rock. Her studio is perfectly organized, calming, and very inspirational. And the town itself couldn’t be more charming.

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