Iron or steel tool with two sharps quills and gifted of widia (carbide of Tungsteno). It’s use, necessary with the chisel, to cut the tiles of the needed size. We use it to cut both natural stones and glass paste.


We use the chisel together with the hummer to cut the tiles. It’s composed by an iron or steel wedge that has got a scalpel edge and must be stucked in a stump. You use the tweezers to move and put precisely the tiles on the gloo.


It’s the support of the chisel and must be of strong, knotty and seasoned wood because it must well absorb the shot when you cut the tiles.


Coming from every corner in the world, what is commonly called marble is in truth a mix of calcareous stones with a sedimentary and metamorphic origin. Their coloration is due to the presence of different pigments in their structure.


Handmade glass enamel is a coloured glass compact mass not transparent, obtained in a wide range of coloring thanks to the use of pigments and is made in reel or slab and then cut into tiles.


Severely created by master glassmaker, you get golds interposing a gold leaf between two transparent and/or colored glass: that let you get different shades.